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Episode · 1 year ago

Brave Williams: “Be comfortable in your own skin.”


Brave Williams is just getting started. She’s a singer, spoken word artist and now an actress. Most importantly, she’s a good soul. She’s young, vibrant, and a bright smile in a room too often full of frowns. She’s somewhat of a homebody, satisfied with sitting at home, lighting some candles and getting lost in a good book. But she is also a planner in moments of solitude. She writes down her plans and how she will carry them out. Audiences will see her play Shelby Quinn in the indie film, Love Dot Com, this summer. The movie has mass appeal, mostly because of Brave’s natural talent on screen. A few years ago, she was on R&B Divas: Los Angeles, but she was destined to do much more than reality television. Brave’s body of work and her work ethic will inspire generations.

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